Session #1 JAN 5 – APRIL 24, 2015
Session #2 MAY 4 – AUG 21, 2015
Session #3 AUG 31 – DEC 18, 2015
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Level 1 = Introduction
Level 2 = Beginning
Level 3 = Intermediate
Level 4 = Advanced
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TimeTypeLevelMonday ClassesLengthAgesInstructorVideo
9amRENTALmixedOngoing Studio Space Rental60 min18 +Athena
10amDANCE2Senior Beginning Tap55 min55 +Larisa
11amFITNESSmixedCardio Tap55 min18 +Larisa
3pmDANCE1Mini Ballet & Tap45 min3 - 4Larisa
4pmDANCE1Kids Ballet & Tap55 min5 - 6 Mariah
5pmDANCE1 & 2Youth Hip-Hop55 min7 - 10 Mariah
6pmTEAM2 & 3Feverocity55 min7 - 17 Mariah
7pmDANCE2Adult Beginning Tap55 min18 +Mariah
8pmTEAMmixedFeverlesque55 min18 +Larisa
TimeTypeLevelTuesday ClassesLengthAgesInstructorVideo
9amDANCEmixedAdult Ballet55 min18 +Mariah
10amFITNESS mixedCardio Tap55 min18 +Mariah
11amDANCE3Senior Intermediate Tap55 min55 +JJ
12pmDANCE4Adult Advanced Tap55 min18 +Larisa
1pmPRIVATEmixedAccessible: Adult Tap30 min18 +Larisa
3pmPRIVATEmixedAccessible: Adult Hip-Hop60 min18 +JJ
4pmFITNESSmixedKids Dancer Flow Yoga55 minALLMalorie
5pmDANCEmixedJunior/Teen Jazz55 min11 - 17Malorie
6pmDANCE3Junior/Teen Intermediate Tap55 min11 - 17Larisa
7pmFITNESSmixedCardio Tap55 minteen/adultLarisa
8pmDANCE1Adult Intro To Tap55 min18 +Larisa
TimeTypeLevelWednesday ClassesLengthAgesInstructorVideo
9amDANCE1"Dance With Me" Ballet & Tap45 min2Malorie
10amDANCE1Senior Intro To Tap55 min55 +Malorie
11amFITNESSmixedDancer Flow Yoga55 minteen/adultMalorie
12pmPRIVATEmixedCompetition TeamTBDALLTBD
1pmPRIVATEmixedCompetition TeamTBDALLTBD
2pmPRIVATEmixedCompetition TeamTBDALLTBD
3pmPRIVATEmixedCompetition TeamTBDALLTBD
4pmDANCE1 & 2Youth Tap55 min7 - 10Larisa
5pmDANCE1 & 2Junior/Teen Beginning Tap55 min11 - 17JJ
6pmDANCEmixedJunior/Teen Hip-Hop55 min11 - 17JJ
7pmDANCE4Teen/Adult Advanced Tap55 minteen/adultJJ
8pmDANCEmixedAdult Hip-Hop55 min18 +JJ
TimeTypeLevelThursday ClassesLengthAgesInstructorVideo
9amDANCE1"Dance With Me" Ballet & Tap45 min2Malorie
10amDANCE1Mini Ballet & Tap45 min3 - 4Malorie
11amFITNESSmixedCardio Tap55 min18 +Malorie
2pmPRIVATEmixedAccessible: Adult Ballet30 min18 +Mariah
3pmDANCEmixedJunior/Teen Contemporary55 min11 - 17Mariah
4pmDANCE1Kids Jazz & Hip-Hop55 min5 - 6Mariah
5pmDANCE1 & 2Youth Ballet55 min7 - 10Mariah
6pmDANCE1 & 2Youth Jazz55 min7 - 10Mariah
7pmDANCE3Adult Intermediate Tap55 min18 +Larisa
8pmTEAM3 & 4Feverettes55 min18 +Larisa
TimeTypeLevelFriday ClassesLengthAgesInstructorVideo
9amDANCE1Mini Ballet & Tap45 min3 - 4Malorie
10amDANCE 2 & 3Senior Broadway Tap55 min55 +Malorie
11amFITNESSmixedCardio Tap55 min18 +Malorie
12pmRENTALmixedOngoing Studio Space Rental60 min18 +Athena
3pmDANCEmixedJunior/Teen Ballet55 min11 - 17Mariah
4pmDANCE1"Dance With Me" Ballet & Tap45 min2Mariah
5pmDANCE1Mini Ballet & Tap45 min3 - 4Mariah
6pmTEAM4Beat Persuasion55 min18 +JJ
7pmTEAM4Beat Persuasion30 min18 +JJ

1= Intro: learning the basics (in tap: shuffles, flaps, single time step, etc)
2= Beginning: already know the basics & progressing with a greater range of technique
3= Intermediate: working on more challenging techniques (in tap: pull-backs, wings, grab-offs)
4= Advanced: learning more challenging and tricky steps